Career Coaching for newcomers - by a newcomer.


CoachRod brings a new perspective to career and life coaching. Focused on ensuring newcomers succeed and achieve their full potential in Canada, CoachRod is led by its founder - Rodrigo Porto, an experienced HR-T&D professional and career coach with experiences over 3 continents. 



Now as the Director, Recruitment & Admissions (July 2018) and prior the Assoc. Director for MBA Careers at a prestigious Business School in Vancouver, Canada; Rodrigo Porto brings his international and domestic professional experience to assist, prepare, and develop professionals to reach their career goals.

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Career strategies

CoachRod offers a vast array of services based on 3 customized Career Packages. These strategies focus on preparing newcomers to Canada to succeed in their careers and are designed to assist you in different phases of your relocation: Pre-Arrival, Landed, and Career Enhance/Change.

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