The fact that Rodrigo Porto, the founder of CoachRod, is a successful newcomer to Canada himself differentiates his coaching practice from your typical career coach and immigrant counselor. Speaking from experience, he will know what you are going through as you relocate your life to a new country. 

Rodrigo landed in Vancouver, Canada - 2011 after only 7 months of having applied to his permanent resident visa and successfully transitioned his HR and T&D career to Canada. Within less than 2 months of his arrival Rod was already interviewing with 2 of the top 50 employers in British Columbia, resulting in a job offer (accepted) from the Sauder School of Business, UBC within 3 months of his arrival. After seven years of work with the Career Centre at the school focused on MBA students’ career development, he now provides leadership and strategic direction to the Recruitment & Admissions team at the Robert H. Lee Graduate School at UBC Sauder.

Prior to that, Rodrigo was the Latin America HR and Training & Development Manager for Samsung HQ in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Recruited to start-up a Latin America-wide T&D program, in a very short amount of time, Rodrigo built a business case and support for Training and Development, negotiated a $1M T&D budget, implemented 50 e-Learning programs, led succession planning and talent development programs, developed T&D benchmarks across global operations and advised on compensation and benefit policies.

Before Samsung, Rodrigo's experience was in progressively larger post-secondary education institutes through acquisition, beginning with his own start-up at age 18, which was acquired, then taking on multi-branch management responsibility, then company-wide HR responsibility, and again through acquisition, finally working for the largest provider of language teaching and vocational education as a Regional HR and T&D Manager, with over 10,000 clients and over 300 staff. Rodrigo possesses excellent business acumen, is very service oriented and has the unique advantage of understanding the difficulties of being a newcomer to Canada, or of someone who is taking the leap of faith to change careers. Involved in a number of organizations in Canada, including Career Professionals of Canada, MBA Career Services Council, BC HRMA, BC ODN, IECBC, MOSAIC, ISS of BC, to name a few - CoachRod's expertise lies in assisting talented new Canadians to drive their careers with passion and utmost success.


Our Mission

CoachRod's mission is to empower the career progression and job search of all of those who choose Canada as their new home, or seek to change careers. Multicultural fluent and with an unyielding desire to contribute to the cultural diversity and pluralism of the workplace in Canada, CoachRod's main goal is to empower all to achieve career success and satisfaction.

CoachRod’s job-market knowledge and coaching were very important in helping me secure my first job in Canada - love his energy, encouragement, and dedication.
— HY - Recent landed immigrant